EC Yoga

Erin is a yoga and meditation teacher who focuses on guiding her students through their own process of self-discovery. She strives to create a space of acceptance so that each student discovers physical and emotional freedom, while building strength and flexibility.

Erin’s classes are energizing and exploratory. She encourages students to connect with their greatest potential and to discover ease through simplicity. She believes that yoga is not only a physical and spiritual practice but a form of artistic expression.

Erin studied Sadhana Yoga with The School Yoga Institute at a permaculture farm in the highlands of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. There, she learned the principles of the practice and received her 200-hour certification. Soon after, she completed her 300-hour teacher training at ISHTA Yoga in New York City in March 2013.  In addition to yoga, Erin is a certified aromatherapist through the New York Institute of Aromatherapy. She is also founder of The Botanical Perfumery, a brand dedicated to creating meaningful connections through plant-centric experiences.


O     M                S     H     A     N    T    I              O     M

N            A            M            A           S            T            E