Savasana (shah-VAH-sah-nah); Sanskrit: शवासन; IAST: śavāsana), or Corpse Pose[2] is an asana. Also known as dead body pose. Lying down legs spread, feet flopping outward, palms up. State of finding complete relaxation.

Have you ever experienced the pure bliss of a post-run savasana? If you haven’t, you probably should.

 Soaking up the vibrational life force of the beating heart is what many deem a natural high. Savasana allows the flowing endorphins to sink in, heightening that euphoric feeling .

Recently, one sizzling city day, I laid down post run and inadvertently fell into savasana. The sensation was extraordinary. Now, I cannot refrain from the urge to sprawl out for a big juicy savasana. It gives my heart a moment to rest, slow down, and beat. The sensation of my pumping heart creates an internal rhythm that triggers a meditative state.

I carry my baggage everywhere I go (thoughts, stresses, anxieties, fears, insecurities) running moves those emotions through me. Everything is released through my heightened rhythmic breath. Exhaling the stale, old, and tarnished, and inhaling the new, vibrant, fresh prana. Taking time in savasana after my run, allows me to sit in the stillness that my running practice cultivates. It turns my focus inward. My mind becomes free and clear.

I urge all runners to sample the glory of a post-run savasana. The power of shifting vibrational energy can be directly experienced in this state. The result of movement (aka exercise) is beyond aesthetic, not only shaping the physical form, but also sharpening emotional acuity.  Our bodies are vessels for our emotional memory. Everything is stored in our body. Quite literally, movement shakes things up. Why not find stillness after movement? Laying down and settling into savasana will let the dust settle and new life emerge.

Indulge yourself. Find savasana after your next run. Guaranteed it will feel delightful.

 Shine on free birds.