Saturn Returns Indian Ink, Acrylic, Paper, and Enamel on canvas. 8.5″x11″

Underneath the layers of ink and acrylic lie repetitive OM signs raised in enamel, symbolizing the universal vibration of birth, sustenance, and destruction. Below  the seemingly chaotic exterior of this piece lies unified repetition. In my work, I create systemic repetition, only to later ‘destroy’ the original work with chaos. The purpose of my work is to exhibit the implicate symmetry of nature, and its simplistic beauty of shape and repetition. Later, I add elements of chaos and color to cloud the simplicity and to create a wild outward emotional quality.  The integrity of Saturn Returns lies beneath the surface. It is rich with symmetrical layers that has been developed over time through various life phases. It contains varying emotional content of my late twenties.

In astrology, the Saturn Return is when the planet Saturn revisits the orbital rotation of its location at your birth. It takes Saturn approximately 29.4 years to orbit the sun. Typically, the Saturn Return reappears in your natal chart during your late twenties. It is a time of transition into early adulthood when life-altering decisions are often made.

Saturn Returns is layering of the emotional structure of my late twenties.  I began this piece living while on Nantucket in 2010 and completed it in 2013 in New York City at age 30.