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inch photoInch by inch – my favorite mantra.

Inch by inch, life’s a cinch.
Yard by yard, life is hard.

We don’t know what lies ahead. Uncertainty lingers . All we can do is continue to anchor ourselves in the present.

Activate choice. No matter how difficult…. we always have a choice..

Over the past decade, I have witnessed my Dad slowly lose his capacity to move freely from a rare neurological disease. He has taught me over and over again that even when you wake up in a nightmare, you can choose freedom.

Even when your hopes and dreams vanish, you can be full of joy. In the midst of the deepest darkness, you can find peace. Everyday my Dad calls upon his faith to live in gratitude. Every day, every moment, he makes that choice.

I am humbled by this great lesson. There is no greater gift.

As the outer world swirls with fear and unprecedented shifts, our only stability can be cultivated in our inner world.

It’s going to be bumpy. Hold on to your light. ✨🔮 .


On Saturday (3/21) @ 9am EDT, I am offering a free Zoom Class. If you would like to make a donation, I will pass it along to a New Yorker in need. (If you know someone in need, please connect with us.) Zoom here –, on my website or in bio.

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                  Sleep Deep   

Deep Sleep

Set yourself up for sweet, happy dreams. Use this concentrated blend before bed.

The Magic Mix: 

  1. Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)
  2. Frankincense (Bosweillia Carteri)
  3. Jojoba Seed Oil

Place a dab on your wrists prior to pre-bed meditation and practice with Nadi Shodhana (Alternate nostril breathing).

  • Lavender oil is the queen of calm, it eases anxiety and insomnia.
  • Frankincense promotes sleep and activates your meditative, focused mind.



For many, running is a treasured form of exercise, offering physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. Yoga is an excellent supplemental tool for runners to build core strength, loosen and lengthen muscles and improve oxygen intake. In this workshop, we will explore ways to keep your muscles open and limber to help increase range of motion, improve flexibility, build core strength and prevent injury. In addition, we will explore pranayama to link breath and movement and create greater relaxation during rigorous activity.

This workshop is open to all levels. 


  • DATE: Sunday October 13th 2013
  • TIME: 2pm -4pm
  • RATE: $20 Early Bird Registration/ $25 Day of Registration Fee
  • PLACE: HOSH YOGA, 55 Nassau Ave  Brooklyn, NY

Props and mats will be provided. All participants must come with an open imagination.

N     A    M    A    S    T    E               A    M    I    G    O    S


NICARAGUA – MARCH 9th – MARCH 15th 2013


Enjoy all-inclusive accommodations at the beautiful Buena Vista Surf Club in Playa Maderas Nicaragua. Playa Maderas is conveniently located 20 minutes from the bustling port town of San Juan del Sur making it a a perfect location for relaxation and excitement. During your stay you will have access to daily yoga and meditation, feeling free to participate (or not) at your leisure. Additionally, homemade local/ organic breakfast and dinner is shared daily at a communal table. (Please share any food allergies or aversions prior to arrival and we will gladly accommodate your needs.) Transportation to and from Managua International Airport is also included in your package allowing seamless transition from the real world to paradise.

This trip is open to young adults (24 – 36) interested in deepening their yoga/ meditation practice, surfing, and meeting new like minded people from around the country.

pure + free destinations include:

  • Airport greeting and transportation
  • Cocktail Reception Party
  • Beach bonfire
  • Beautiful accommodations
  • Daily yoga (offered twice a day) with two different teachers
  • Morning Meditation
  • One 1-hour massage with a US Licensed Massage therapist
  • Local/ Organic breakfast and dinner (delicious!)
  • Night-life outing transportation
  • One 60-minute surf lesson

Please note trip does not include:

  • Flight
  • Travel insurance
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Lunch
  • Day excursions (multiple options will be provided)
  • Surf board rental

$1150 (early bird special – normally $1250) for triple occupancy
$1300 (early bird special – normally $1400) for double occupancy
$2150 (early bird special – normally $2300) for single occupancy

Rooms are equipped with a private bathroom and a bed per guest.

Each trip will have 13 participants and 2 leaders.

For more information and to plan your trip please or call (603) 986 4095.

“Sometimes we love with nothing more than hope. Sometimes we cry with
everything except tears.”

Gregory David Roberts sums it up beautifully in his book Shantaram. Most people at one time or another hit a point of complete heartache, pain so deep it vibrates through your entire being. It is common to bury these feeling of pain deep inside our physical bodies, harboring it, keeping it safe, and hiding it from the world. Our bodies carry every emotion, every thought, every expression that passes through us. It is our life vessel. When Mr. Roberts says ‘sometimes we cry with everything except tears,’ he is directly referring to the physical sensation of sorrow and pain. Where do you hold it in your body? How can you cry without tears? Everyone is different—how does your body cry? A great way to release pain is to sweat. It’s our body’s way of crying. Sweating is our body’s way of releasing tears and shedding sorrow. Movement allows the human form to acknowledge the presence of pain and to release it. Running is my way to release the baggage that I harbor inside. Running is my way to be closer to God. Running sets me free. Yoga sets me free.

I am an advocate for seated meditation. It has extraordinary power in bringing awareness to your thoughts, reactions, and emotions. Silent meditation empowers the individual to recognize that we are in control of our own happiness. I highly recommend it to everyone, especially in circumstances of feeling frantic, erratic, or emotionally charged. Take a moment to sit in complete stillness (as much as you don’t want to). Five minutes will make an incredible difference. However, despite my strong belief in sitting meditation, I also believe moving meditation is equally as liberating. Physical engagement allows the mind and body to release simultaneously. Movement of the body allows the gunk—pain, anger, guilt, remorse, self-hatred—to be physically released.

Recently, my theory was solidified while I attended a Shakespeare workshop in the city. I found myself completely unable to connect to my character. I was emotionally indifferent and closed (an actor’s worst nightmare). Suddenly, as I continued to work on my monologue, my teacher prodded me in front of the class, pushing me to my limits and making me feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. A rush of emotion came over me. It felt as if it was rising up from months of being compacted and dismissed. My monologue came out in a blubbering fit. The tears did not end when my characters plight did. I cried for an hour. Suddenly, I realized that while my sitting meditation helped me to stay balanced in my daily life, I was in control, more mindful, and keenly aware of my surroundings. I had not given myself permission to release pain. I believe in (and strongly encourage) crying, sighing, moaning, screaming—it exposes the raw emotion. Silence is only part of the solution. For the majority of the population, those of us who have not attained the blissful awakened state of Samadhi, our life balance comes from a combination of things, all which allow us to fully realize our human form.