Reverse Prayer_2

Gentle stretching throughout the day helps to reduce shoulder rounding, takes pressure off the lower back, and allows you to breathe more deeply.

  1. Seated Spinal Twist – Twisting at your desk helps to gently detoxify throughout the day. Moving the spine, relieves lower back pain, improves digestion, and even reduces stress.
  2. Seated Ankle to Knee – Draw you ankle to knee on each side and gently lean forward until you feel the opening of your outer hip. Hold for about a minute and deepen your breath.
  3. Reverse Prayer Pose – Start by grabbing alternate elbows behind you.  If you have more range, press your hands together. If you can, bring the pinkies and thumbs to touch. This posture stretches the wrists, hands and chest.

STRESS REDUCTION – The simple act of bringing mindfulness to your breath throughout the day can be a powerful tool to better manage and cope with stress. The key is start simple.

Begin by sitting at your desk and lengthening your inhales and exhales. Plant your feet firmly on the ground while sitting up straight and broadening across your chest. Inhale and count: 1…2…3…4…5….Now Exhale: 5…4…2…1.

As you continue to practice, increase the count.  Direct the breath to the lower belly and back. This is a simple technique, known as, Full and Complete Breath. Focusing on the breath helps to increase concentration and focus, calm the mind, and it physiologically increases oxygen intake in the body.