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Letters from my Sister

Letters from my Sister

pep talk

A talk intended to make someone feel more courageous or enthusiastic

I would like to share a letter from my sister. Dated  May 23rd 2013….this is what she had to say:

You’re not crazy or ugly. You’re quite the opposite. You’re beautiful.

The psychic did not curse you. She sounds like a complete maniac and to believe her would mean you’re insane, too … which you’re not! No one has the power to do something like that to another person. NO ONE.

You need to remember what you tell me about self-love. I really think you should listen to the Conversation. Listen to the Lady Gaga one. It’s only about 15 minutes.

And, you are a very VERY beautiful person.  I’ve been trying (trying being key word) to focus less on worrying about my looks and more about worrying about my brain and relationships. I worry a stupid amount about wrinkles, but the fact is, they’re coming, and I’m not going to be able to stop them, and there is always going to be someone out there who is more beautiful in the objective sense than me. I need to focus on things that will bring me true joy and feelings of accomplishment, which is being healthy, becoming an author, getting The Daily Saint off the ground and causing a big impact, and maintaining and fostering the relationships of the most important people in my life. Actually, I got to really putting that in the front of my brain when I listened to the Conversation with Portia de Rossi (she’s after Lady Gaga on the video … watch that one, too).

IN CONCLUSION, No, you’re not ugly or crazy. You are beautiful and sane and loving and wonderful. 🙂

  1. Start each day with gratitude.

Begin each day with gratitude. Gratitude allows the empowerment of choice. We either choose to see the endless beauty that surrounds us, or we do not.

  1. Know that you are enough. (Repeat “I am enough.”)

Expectations of how we should look, dress, and act swirl around us every day. Disregard these supposed “expectations.” Each of us is on an individual journey of exploration. All paths are different. Never compare. Accept yourself with full and deep love. Know you are enough and do not question it.

  1. Take time to sit in silence: Do no react. Reflect.

Powerful emotions often trigger spontaneous reactions. Rather than instantly reacting to those emotions, allow the dust to settle first. Be with the way you are feeling, but do not respond to it (a task that is much easier said than done). After you have allowed these initial emotions to wane, do not disregard your feelings as insignificant or unimportant. Rather, recognize the trigger. Accept your desires and needs.

  1. Always maintain self-love and respect, especially when it means walking away.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. While we are able to treat others with love and respect, sometimes we are unable to do the same for ourselves. Know that you deserve love. That begins by loving yourself.

  1. Realize when you are wrong and take responsibility.

We all mess-up. If you have made a mistake or wronged someone, own up to it. Have courage to take responsibility for your actions.

  1. Be in the moment.

We cannot change the past or predict the future. Dwelling on either will result in pain and heartache. All we have is the present.

  1. Trust that truth will always reveal itself in action.

Actions speak louder than words. Believe it. Words are powerful and important. But, in the end, people speak in action. The way you treat yourself and others will show others everything they need to know.

  1. Forgive.

Harboring anger and resentment will ultimately cause greater suffering. Forgive. Let go. Move on. It’s the only way to be truly free. 

  1. Believe in love.

Do not let past experiences allow you to lose faith in love. Be open. There is an endless amount of love in the world just waiting to fill you up.

  1. Maintain a consistent spiritual practice.

Take time to pray. Every day. Connect with your higher power. Ask for guidance and love.  

  1. Trust the universe and be clear with your intentions.

There are no coincidences. The universe is created in an implicit order beyond our wildest dreams.  

  1. Have fun, be free, and don’t take life too seriously.

It’s just weird when people take life too seriously. Don’t you think?




Let’s play a little game called ‘I AM ENOUGH’. You will need your beautiful face and a mirror to proceed. Please follow the instructions carefully.
  1. Look in the mirror.
  2. Look into your eyes.
  3. Notice how radiant and perfect you are;)
  4. Say aloud “I am enough.”
  5. Smile
  6. Say it again “I am enough.”
  7. Smile
  8. Say it again “I am enough.”

Now notice how it feels like to tell yourself that you are worthy. Feel it in your body. Where do you notice the sensations? Feel it in your heart. Feel it in your head. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with happiness, maybe not. Maybe you will realize that your entire life, you have never once told yourself that you are enough.

The way we internally speak to ourselves has incredible power. The inner chatter radiates through our being. It becomes transparent in the way we carry our bodies, the way we speak, and the energy we exude. Today, bring awareness to the way you speak to yourself. Do not judge, rather observe. Allow yourself to shift the way you are speaking to yourself, even if you don’t believe it. Create an affirmative mantra that resonates with you and repeat it. Repeat it until you believe it.

For every negative thought, replace it with a positive one, an age-old simple, but effective technique.  See what happens. Purify your thoughts and set yourself free.

Shine on beauties!